The Premia MUN-2023

Empowering Global Minds

About The Event

Powered by: The Indian Conclave
27th to 28th July 2023
The Premia Academy, Attapur, Hyderabad

27th to 28th July 2023

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About The Premia Academy

Our vision is to raise our 'Premia Pride' to live their dreams as a generation who are Resilient and Confident lifelong learners, Agile and authentic individuals, Innovative and intuitive changemakers, Socially responsible and humble global citizens, Empathetic and humane souls who uphold integrity above all.

About The Premia MUN

Welcome to PremiaMUN, where we believe in empowering global minds and nurturing students' ability to comprehend and address pressing global issues. Our mission is to provide a platform for students to showcase their problem-solving mindsets and demonstrate how our generation can make a difference in resolving the world's challenges.

At PremiaMUN, Model United Nations (MUNs) serve as transformative experiences, fostering intellectual growth, leadership development, and global awareness. Through engaging debates, negotiation simulations, and comprehensive research, students gain a deeper understanding of international affairs and diplomacy. We encourage a diverse and inclusive community, promoting the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and solutions from students of various backgrounds.

About The Indian Conclave

The Indian Conclave is an edu-event startup registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and recognised by the Start-Up India Initiative, Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Government of India. We aim to promote youth leadership who focus on serving the larger cause of humanity by imparting intellectual knowledge and organisational skills. We are a first of its kind organisation in India which works with the institutions in providing students with the right source of guidance and trains them in leadership in hosting events which promotes youth leadership and right form of nation building.

Letter from Secretary General and Director General

Dear Delegates, Executive Board Members, Press Members and Friends,

At PremiaMUN we believe in empowering global minds and that every student has the ability to comprehend global issues and introduce effective solutions for the same. MUNs are an incredible platform to showcase problem-solving mindsets and how our generation can make a difference in resolving the issues of the world.

On behalf of The Premia Academy, we are stoked to invite you to the maiden Model United Nations Conference of the Premia Academy.
The committees for this year include:
1.The United Nations Human Rights Council,
2.The Disarmament and International Security Committee,
3.The World Health Organisation,
4.The Lok Sabha,
5.The International Press.

Throughout this conference we encourage you to be brave: talk, debate, and converse with your peers to come up with solutions and ideas. Do not feel afraid of losing or sounding silly, everyone’s been there and every voice has at the very least a few good points, taking your first steps is more important than walking a mile. No matter how little your country may play a role, it is always possible to make it important. Do your best and most importantly, make sure you have fun!

The faculty and secretariat are devoted to providing you with the best experience possible. We look forward to seeing you all on the 27th and 28th of July 2023!

Thank you,
Madhavi Sanskriti and Aaron Maricar
Secretary General and Director General

Executive Board

The EB Members

EB 1

Mohammed Yasir

Disec - Chair

EB 2

Shriya Kamtam

Disec - Vice Chair

EB 3

Aditya Krishna

Disec - Rapporteur

EB 4

Mihir Eshan

UNHRC - Chair

EB 5

Niuv Kocheta

UNHRC - Vice Chair

EB 6

Rida Saher

UNHRC - Vice Chair

EB 7

Simran Panda

WHO - Chair

EB 8

Adya Yajnik

WHO - Vice Chair

EB 9

Yeheill Shah

WHO - Rapporteur

EB 10

Sai Eshwar

Lok Sabha - Speaker

EB 11

Pragnya Amireddy

Lok Sabha - Deputy Speaker

EB 12

Sriya Mandava

CSW - Chair

EB 13


CSW - Vice Chair

EB 14

Siddharth Sagar

UNDP - CO Chair

EB 15

Prabhas Adabala

UNDP - CO Chair

EB 16

Alden D Souza

Head of International Press

EB 17

Sai Gokul

International Press DoP

Event Secretariat

Presenting you our Secretariat

Speaker 1

Madhavi Sanskriti

Secretary General

Speaker 2

Aaron Maricar

Director General

Speaker 3

Vedamayi Madirajau

USG Delegate Affairs

Speaker 3

Likhita Sripada

USG Delegate Affairs

Speaker 4

Jia Lakhanpal

USG Policy

Speaker 5

Abbas Ali Khan

USG Policy

Speaker 6

Mahak Agarwal

USG Finance

Speaker 7

Juweria Ilyas Mohammad

USG Design

Speaker 8

Tashneem Akhtar

USG Tech

Speaker 9

Rachel Pearl

Organising Committee Head

Speaker 10

Bhavya Sameera

Organising Committee Head


The Matter to be discussed

agenda 1
agenda 1
agenda 1
agenda 1
agenda 1
agenda 1

Event Venue

Event venue location info

The Premia Academy, Hyderabad

Pillar Number 102, 501, Road, Karwan Sahu, Langar Houz, Attapur, Telangana 500008

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Pillar Number 102, 501, Road, Karwan Sahu, Langar Houz, Attapur, Telangana 500008